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Client List

Conti Federal Services:
Heath and Safety Officer: Provide health and safety services for the I-90 Bridge Pier Underpinning operation at Milltown Montana. 

Douglas Environmental:
Provided geophysical services. Background research to gather information such as bore hole logs and well logs to aid in a more complete subsurface survey interpretation. Conducted a Geophysical Resistivity Survey identifying the depth of the perched aquifer, determined the depth of the perched confining layer and identified extent of contamination.

Dive services:
Provided underwater photography and inspection services. Services used to support the development of a demolition plan for the Stimson Dam located on the Blackfoot River near Bonner, Montana.
Depth to Bedrock determination:
Provided Ground Penetrating Radar services to determine the depth to bedrock on project site. Bonner, Montana.

Cabinet Resources Group:
Tailings Survey and Excavation:
Geophysical Survey of the Troy Project tailings impoundment in Lincoln County, MT. Excavation of results found in survey. Installation of sheet piling to stabilize tailings and swamp pads to aid in excavation to a depth of 85’. Water intrusion into excavation and water management provided by mining company.

NorthWestern Energy:
Turbidity testing of water samples around Milltown Dam.

Project scope: Install Peizometer and dig test pits in a portion of Sediment Accumulation Area Ito monitor ground water levels and to quantify the amount, location and depth of buried debris. Excavation of test pits and installation of appropriate shoring to allow access to alluvial materials depth of 20-35 ft. Use of trenching Boxes and short pile driven shoring to maintain excavation while dewatering activities are taking place. Drafting the required health and safety paperwork (i.e. the job safety analysis) and submitting such to CH2MHill for approval. Familiarizing project personnel with site conditions and requirements and coordinating with CH2MHill oversight personnel on meeting times and places.

Atlantic Richfield Company:
Milltown Reservoir: Debris Evaluation Field Investigation, Dug 4 test pits to a maximum depth of 20 ft due to high water table from reservoir. Installed 26 monitoring wells and conducted 85 tile probes of inspection area to determine depth of sediments and locate buried debris.

MFG Inc:
Bunker Hill Gypsum facility Coeur D' alene, Idaho: A Geotechnical investigation used to determine the location of sink holes in the mine tailings. Development of an excavation plan including piling placement at excavation to allow mining traffic to continue. JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and enforcement of requirements implementation of process to address sink hole in traffic areas.

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